Kamran Lubricats Private Limited is the manufacturer of all types of High Grade Lubricating Oils & Greases, having more than 30 years establishment and are registered with Chamber Of Commerce (Govt. of Pakistan) with the monetary limits over Rs. 25 lacs & onward. Our modern blending plant situated at Multan, equipped with full fledged Laboratory equipments for carrying out all required tests.

We are also in a position to blend any quantity of Lubricating Oils as we have various sizes of blending kettles. Production capacity per month in normal working condition is 3000 M.T. (15000 barrels). The covered area of the plant is 18,000 Sq. ft. and total area is 30,000 sq. meters. Besides the fully equipped plant, we are supported by well trained and experienced team of chemist and experts in the field of manufacturing Lubricants, who are extremely dedicated and professional.
Being pioneer in re-refining of all types of used Lubricating Oils, with establishment of our unit in 1964, having conventional Acid Clay process. Since the waste of this process has no ideal & safe disposal, we have over a period of time developed and changed over to High Temperature High Vacuum Distillation unit.

Not only the quality of the product matches absolutely with the virgin oil specification, the recovery of oil is also highest possible as there is only carbon particles remains as residue. Lubricating oil does not wear out but the chemical additives does. The Lubricating oil only gets contaminated with extraneous matters, hence, after re-refining. it can be used over & over again for the same purpose.

We are redistlling used Rolling Oils for Indian Aluminium Ltd to their original specification and Engine & Gear Oils for BEST Undertakings, (Buses). We have re-refined Lubricating oils for local as well as for industrial use. We also render services of testing the used Thermic Oil to monitor the condition of the oil and issue our report.